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Eric Rice

"I was pleasantly surprised to get excellent results from Dr. Rice for a sprained ankle!  He has done a wonderful job of lessening the pain in my neck and lower back.  I guess I never considered a chiropractor for a sprained ankle, but he gave me therapy on it, then adjusted it. and it helped relieve the pain tremendously!  I also think it assisted in a rapid recovery!  Thanks Dr. Rice, You Rock!!"-Renee R.

"I first came to HealthPro due to pain with my sciatic nerve.  After figuring out a treatment plan, the pain in that area is now completely gone.  We are still working on some other lower back pain, but it is much more manageable since beginning treatment. "-Bethany R. 

"Prior to coming to see Dr. Eric, I was very frustrated with a recent carpal tunnel surgery that I had that to me had failed. The results had only left me with more pain in my wrist and I still had the weakness and numbness in my hand that I had prior to the surgery. I also have carpal tunnel diagnosed in my other hand and my surgeon wanted to perform surgery on that hand/ wrist next. Fed up with hearing that it was going to get better, and it wasn't, I came to Dr. Eric and he was able to treat me with acupuncture and adjustments to finally give me some much needed relief. I also had underlying neck and upper back issues. I've had two neck fusions done and have had continued neck and upper back pain with headaches since the fusions in 2010 and 2011. Within the first two weeks, I was able to notice a great improvement in my neck, headaches and upper back pain. Dr. Eric and his staff are very professional and concerned about their patients they treat and I would recommend their care to my family and friends. I'm glad to be getting back to a better quality of life again!"-Terri K

"Dear Dr. Rice,
I want to sincerely thank you for your caring expertise in assisting me overcome a problem I recently experienced with severe foot pain. I truly appreciate your efficient diagnosis and ongoing daily treatments, scheduled for my convenience over the course of a week or so.  Your attention to my level of pain and your ability to explain the cause of the problem as well as related treatments made it much easier to cope with the problem.  I also appreciate your suggested home treatments to help encourage healing and relieve the pain I experienced between visits to your office."- Nancy

"Dr. Rice and all the staff at HealthPro are amazing! Originally I came in for treatment of lower back and hip pain. After a thorough exam, Dr. Rice discovered areas in my neck and upper back that would also benefit from treatment. I had suffered from daily headaches, trouble sleeping. and upper back tension for quite some time. This was 'normal' for me and I thought it was part of "growing old". Over the past month, I've noticed so much improvement. My hip pain and lower back pain is gone. My headaches are few and far between. We are still working on upper back tension, but overall I feel so much better. My sleep has greatly improved which I am sure contributes to my overall well- being. I have referred friends to Dr. Rice, two of my children have been treated by him and I will continue to see him to achieve optimal health."-Lynda S.

"Dr. Rice, 

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful chiropractic care I received from you during my pregnancy. You successfully used the Webster technique to turn my breach baby. I went into labor one day past my due date and from start to finish it was only four and a half hours long! I wasn't able to have the water-birth I wanted because there was a little meconium in the fluid, but I had an amazing birth experience with no drugs. I believe your care played an important role in me achieving such a memorable birth. And it was a girl!"-Katie

"In the last few weeks, I have felt GREAT due to the care I get from the team at HealthPro.  My weekly headaches (sometimes lasting two days) are non- existent.  I sleep much better and have more energy during the day.  Also, being in my second trimester of pregnancy I have no aches and pains that I was experiencing before.  Thank you so much!"-Jessica C.

"I started coming here after having some back problems from working in the automotive industry.  I was somewhat skeptical about the whole process, but Dr. Rice did an excellent job of explaining how and why everything is done.  Six weeks later and I feel 100% better than when I first started coming to HealthPro.  It is an A+ operation!"- Jeff D.

"Dear Dr. Rice,I just wanted to drop you a thank you for the great results I received under your care. I love to play golf in the summer and I had a schedule of upper end amateur tournaments scheduled for this summer. In  April I had acute pain in both of my feet. I actually went to see a podiatrist who recommended surgery which would have put me out of commission for most of the summer.  Under your care I have had a great summer of golf.  I qualified for the Minnesota State Open and finished 3rd in the Hastings Club Championship.  Considering that I couldn't walk in April I would say your therapy is a great success.  We still have some tourneys left this year and I just wanted to say thanks.  I have walked every step of the way without pain.  Thanks again!" -Sincerely, Dan O.

"I went in after lifting something too heavy for my own good, in a great deal of pain and unable to sit for short periods of time. Saw Dr. Rice, he was very thorough and was able to adjust me along with provide me with some physical therapy to immediately help the pain. I was also given a list of things to do at home to help with the injury in between appointments. I now see him on a regular basis! Thanks again!" -Scott M.

"AMAZING! Dr. Rice is providing me treatment on my lower back. Great job! Noticing great improvements! Thank you!" -Wes A.

"When I came into the office, I had a lot of pain in the neck, arm, shoulder and back.  On today's appointment, I had very little pain.  I am feeling a lot better.  Great job with the healing!" -Jolyn A.


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